Top Air Mattresses This Year

Air mattress are cozy and comfortable. Although they are available in a range of prices, the thing is that you must find one that matches your budget and lifestyle. Also, you should buy a good quality mattress that will last for long years. Durability and convenience are very important as you will sleep in it every day.
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Here is a short compilation of some of the air mattress reviews ratings 2016 that have just come out. Take a look:

Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure-Grip Bottom with Built-in Pump

The pumped up bed that attains a height of 22 inches can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. The piece has a built-in pump which can fill up the bed in less than 90 seconds easily.

Intex Comfort Rest Raised Air Mattress

This is one of the most squashy mattresses you will ever come across and it is made up of two layers. In fact, the top of the mattress has waterproof nylon. Additionally, this Intex air mattress has box springs on the bottom and its top can be adjusted to heighten personal comfort.

AeroBed All Terrain

A mattress that can be inflated in just 60 seconds and all you need is a rechargeable pump to fill it up. The queen sized piece has seams that are electronically welded for added durability. This Aerobed air mattress can take the weight of up to 750 pounds.

AeroBed Travel and Camp

If you are traveling around and need to sleep in tents or other outdoorsy settings then this is the piece you must pick up. With its rechargeable inflation pump, the mattress can attain a size of 10 inches by 12 inches. The bed can be completely inflated in 60 seconds and also quashed in just 12 seconds.

Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed Air Bed

The bed does not come with a pump but still it will stay raised for long enough. There is an advanced double lock valve in this bed which ensures that the air is locked in two ways in the mattress.

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How I Bought The Best Air Mattress

For many years, I have been looking for the perfect mattress but without success. However, this 2015, I must say that fate or luck was on my side when I came across the latest air mattress reviews. These reviews on the Intex air mattresses helped me in selecting the best air mattress – since then I have been sleeping like the dead.

Intex-Air-Mattress_1 (1)

To say the truth, most of the airbeds which are available at our local stores have an adjustable support which enables us to set the perfect preference. On some of them, you will find these adjustments on each side of the bed. I came to understand that the downfall of these airbeds is that they have a very small warranty which doesn’t cover any breakages or repairs. However, if you are careful on handling your airbed, you might not require any repairs.

I always have guests from time to time, most of them being my friends and workmates. One thing which I really appreciate about the invention of the air mattresses is that they can be deflated and inflated. To me, this came in handy as I was able to fit the air mattress in my closest and inflate it at night when I have guests.

A few weeks ago, I had gone for camping with my family and unlike the past camping trips, we didn’t have any trouble in transporting the air mattress. It is very light in weight and it provided a very comfy cushion between me and the ground.

When it comes to durability and satisfaction, my ratings for the air mattresses is 10/10. Most consumers tend to mistake air mattresses for air beds. Air beds have mechanical pumps while air mattresses are just mattresses but inflated with air. They are way cheaper and they come with zero risk of repair cost. Even though they come with a separate pump, in cases the pump breaks you don’t have to replace the whole mattress.

As I was fishing for a good air mattress from the air mattress reviews, I came across many sizes and varieties. I had to be careful when selecting the size, shape and material. It had to perfectly fit my bed and the material had to be cozy. (Read this choosing guide)

Honesty, I am a perfectionist and to impress me you must go to high heights. With this air mattress, it took only one night to impress me and without doubt, this is the best invention in mankind.


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Is Your Air Mattress Really The Best?

I am not a kind of a person, who like outdoor activities, and camping is not an exception. For me, camping is a waste of time while leaving the comfort of my lovely room. I mean, the comfort of my air mattress. I don’t have enough time to sleep, due to my online writing jobs, so I need to have quality sleeping by having a quality mattress as well. I didn’t believe that there are any convenient air mattress for camping, before I was urged to join mom and kids camping, as the yearly elementary school program of my first grade kid. As it was impossible to avoid this activity, then I browsed around to find an affordable air mattress for camping. Amazon gives me lots of ideas, but their descriptions are too general. I went through lots of websites with the air mattress reviews.

I decided to buy an air mattress, which cost $80. I was surprised to see that this product is indeed convenient for me and my kid, during the camping. For me, this product stands out for its lightweight feature, thanks to its self-inflating feature. Besides, it is durable, though I somewhat regretted because I bought the regular one, instead of the large size. The bigger one will be the best option for real campers, because they don’t have to bring too much equipment during their hardcore adventure.

Well, anyway, if you are one of those true campers, this product may not suit your needs. You might want to choose the king size air mattress and more comprehensive features like the internal pump, for faster inflating and deflating. The next feature that you have to find for your perfect air mattress is the waterproof feature. A high quality air mattress for camping always contains puncture-proof multiple layers to avoid dampness that users feel during their outdoor camping. (More: Guide on finding a perfect mattress)

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Air Bed for the Guest

Comfortable sleep is very important for good health. The kind of beds to invest in therefore becomes a vital aspect that one has to carefully think of. Air beds are increasingly of varied designs and technological innovations that at times make it quite challenging to choose that best air bed since each and every design has its own unique features. Buying the best air bed guaranteed with maximum comfort, durability and long lasting requires one to be conversant with a few important guidelines. Here is a quick look on the tips for choosing the best air bed.

The kind of fabric used to design the air bed

One of the most important features of an air bed is its great comfort that is normally determined by the quality of fabric used. The best air bed should be made of fabric that is long lasting, easy to maintain with high flexibility. Always be careful to choose high quality fabric since the durability and comfort of your air bed are all attached to it.

Extra special features for support

Air beds do come with various features according to its design. However, it is always important to go for the air bed designed with all the features that will guarantee you great comfort and flexibility. Some of the features worth consideration are flexibility in adjusting the bed features and equally important are the mattress pads that do increase cushioning and further protection.

Where the air bed will be used

It is important to consider whether the air bed will be used outdoors or in the house for your guests since this will determine the thickness of material used to design the bed. For instance, when buying an air bed for indoor use, the mattress need not to be designed with a thick material as for the one designed for camping sites.

Who sleeps on the air bed

The air beds do come of varied support hence it is important to factor in the users of the air bed. Raised air beds used by children will automatically need less support than the one used by adults.

Size of the air bed

Whether you are using the air bed for camping or in the house, always consider the space available in the house or in the tent since this will determine whether you buy the small or extra large inflatable mattress.

Budgeting for the best air bed therefore requires specific guidelines that should not be assumed at all.

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